Annual Renewal

The National BSA and our Council have made changes to how Scouts sign up and renew (we used to say “recharter”) on an annual basis. With these changes, the national BSA and our Council have also significantly increased the annual registration fees for Scouts. The new annual registration is $180 per youth per year. For adult leaders, the cost is $42 per year, but will be reimbursed by the pack for your service.

For families in need of financial assistance, there is a financial assistance option during registration. The financial assistance is available to ALL. Cost should NOT be a factor in your decision to be a member of Scouts. Especially in this time of COVID, if your family has been affected financially, please request the financial assistance.

Our Pack is aware that this increase in fees means that some may ask if the value that Scouting gives is worth the new cost. With your help, I believe the answer to that question is a resounding Yes! While many of our children's extracurricular activities are taking a hit due to COVID-19, Scouting, done right, can still provide fun and safe experiences even in this time. That is the program that our Pack is trying to offer this, and every, year.

Please use the link provided below to register your scout(s) for the upcoming Scout year.

If you are an Adult Leader (Den Leader, or Committee Member) you will also need to renew your membership online using the same link.

A few general items to note:

  • For every youth who registers and pays in full, our Pack will receive $20 from our council. This will replace the “pack fee” that we have traditionally assessed that would be used to pay for the cost of patches, and other annual expenses.

  • Boys’ Life subscriptions are available during the registration process.

  • The new annual registration and renewal process will be inclusive of the increased National registration fees, will shelter families from planned national fee increases, and will replace Family Friends of Scouting group solicitations in the future.